Personal Executive Development

High-performing executives and pro athletes share a desire for excellence and being at the top of their game. The BB&T Leadership Institute's personalized coaching helps leaders achieve that goal and creates powerful, sustainable results..

Program Description

The Personal Executive Development program provides executives an individualized opportunity to work on areas for growth, refine current strengths and add new leadership capacities. This personalized process begins with a meeting with the executive to determine their goals and needs. A BB&T Leadership Institute executive coach is matched with the leader and will work with him/her throughout the process to achieve the desired results.

The executive coach will conduct a leadership impact study that includes 12 to 15 personal interviews to gather perceptions of the executive’s leadership effectiveness. This information will be used to help the executive improve the quality of his/her key employee and team relationships. A variety of other assessment tools may be used to gather information to help the coach and executive address the executive's goals.

The coach and leader may determine the executive can jump-start this process by attending the Mastering Leadership Dynamics program, a powerful five-day program for mid- and senior-level executives.

The institute's executive coach will guide the leader in the development of a personal action plan that is in alignment with the executive's specific goals for the coaching process. The plan will address the executive’s goals and make practical use of the information provided from the impact study and other assessments.

The executive coach will help the leader prepare information and feedback to his/her managers and peers so they can understand and support the leadership development process. Ongoing one-on-one coaching is available based on an individual leader's needs.

Powerful Outcomes