Optimizing the Employee Selection Process

A competency-based job model coupled with an effective interviewing process
helps organizations attract and select the right people for the right jobs.

Program Description

The BB&T Leadership Institute provides consulting services and tools to CEOs, senior leaders and Human Resources executives to build and strengthen effective hiring processes. A practical and customized approach is used to build organizational success.

An initial step is to build a competency-based job model so that key requirements are identified. The model is based on the concept that high performers in specific roles have identifiable competences that enable them to consistently meet or exceed performance goals. If a model is in use, a review of performance measures and key competences can be conducted to ensure changes in performance expectations are included in the model.

A second step addresses a multi-factor hiring process, with special focus on interviewing skills and questions. Interview scripts are developed utilizing behavior-based questions with an objective means of evaluating responses. Training for hiring managers provides lasting impact on the hiring process and establishes an effective foundation between the managers and their new team members.

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Effective Employee Retention Practices

Undesirable turnover in an organization impacts teamwork, work relationships, client relationships and overall performance. The BB&T Leadership Institute helps CEOs, human resources executives and team managers understand the specific drivers of employee turnover in their organizations, reduce unwanted turnover and improve employee performance.

Program Description

The BB&T Leadership Institute's Effective Employee Retention Practices program provides CEOs, human resources executives and team managers with the knowledge, skills and tools to attain cost effective improvements in employee performance, retention and engagement.

An institute Program Consultant works with the organization's project leader to identify the key drivers of turnover, including common causes and special causes. Principles of Total Quality Management are coupled with a review of the organizations's unique staffing profile to identify areas of opportunity.

A retention assessment is conducted by the institute's Program Consultant to identify and distinguish varying levels of retention impact. Retention rates in some work areas may have a profoundly different impact than in other work areas. Understanding those differences is an important variable in an effective retention strategy.

Coaching for conducting stay interviews provides managers with techniques for preventing turnover of valued employees.

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Effective Employee Engagement Strategies

Organizational leaders know that exceptional outcomes happen when employees have their heads and their hearts in the game. The BB&T Leadership Institute helps executives and team leaders develop effective strategies to measure, improve and leverage employee engagement toward improved employee retention and higher team performance.

Program Description

A BB&T Leadership Institute Program Consultant begins this strategic process with the use of an employee survey to determine statistically the key factors impacting employee engagement. These factors include employees' rational and emotional commitment to their jobs, teams, the organization and their managers. The BB&T Leadership Institute's proprietary employee engagement model provides an objective analysis that helps leaders gauge how deeply their employees are engaged based on their sense of connectedness, fairness, importance, clarity, control and competence.

The Program Consultant works with the executive leadership team and a designated program manager to identify the financial and operational costs of addressing these objective, key engagement barriers and opportunities. A customized program is then developed to address the engagement drivers the organization selects as actionable.

An implementation team is identified and guided by the Program Consultant as engagement initiatives are developed and implemented. Performance metrics are identified and tracked so that annual assessments can be made and evaluated and on-going strategies modified, as appropriate.

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Enhancing Employee Well-Being

Enhancing the well-being of employees as an organizational strategy has
enormous potential for enhancing operational performance. CEOs, human resources executives and team leaders can positively impact organizational performance by developing and implementing strategies to help employees thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Program Description

Research and program development conducted by The BB&T Leadership Institute
forms the foundation of a highly effective and proven strategic approach to improving organizational performance. The approach leverages employee well-being in five key areas: work, social, physical, financial and community.

This program provides CEOs, human resources executives and team leaders with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the whole individual in vital areas of their lives. The program provides a framework to support employees in their career, financial, social, physical and community well-being. Institute consultants help organizations build practical tools to help employees own their careers, plan for a strong financial future, live more healthy and vibrant lives, have deeper and more meaningful relationships, and become more active and engaged in their communities.

The economics of an effective strategy for employee well-being are tied to factors such as performance, retention and engagement.

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