Sustainable Lasting Results

The BB&T Leadership Institute's leadership development programs enhance the performance of executives and the companies they lead. Working collaboratively with executive teams, the institute brings insights and strategies to leverage performance and produce sustainable improvements in business results. The proprietary self-awareness strategies and practices developed at the institute yield remarkable benefits for leaders, teams and organizations.


of the institute's Mastering Leadership Dynamics program participants say that their self-awareness experience is among the most impactful of their lives and that they have established a clear plan for improving their leadership.


of managers and peers report they see significant improvement in the participant’s self-awareness and relationship skills which relate to program effectiveness and impact organizational performance.

The leadership attributes with the greatest scores:

"Earns greater trust and loyalty"
"Inspires others to greater performance"
"Shows greater tact in dealing with others"
"Improved flexibility in dealing with differences in viewpoints and styles"

A 317-person study of institute clients conducted ruing a five-year period showed program graduates demonstrated increased effectiveness when compared to peers who had not been trained on self-awareness and conscious leadership.


Higher retention rates


Faster promotions