Engaging With Partners

The work of the institute is a collaborative process with clients. Programs and workshops, whether in group settings or one-on-one sessions, are customized to address individual, team and organizational goals and objectives.

Listen and Learn

A business advisor at The BB&T Leadership Institute begins a client engagement by learning about the organizations' needs and opportunities for building leadership capacity and improving impact and performance. The foundation of all leadership initiatives is established by the vision and plan set by the CEO and executive leadership. This learning process is essential to an effective problem-solving approach.

Customized Planning

The business advisor works closely with the client to develop a plan with a set of specific goals and a recommended timeline. The plan may include initiatives for individuals, teams or an entire organization. An institute program consultant will participate in the planning process to bring added perspectives and customization.


Leadership programs, workshops and consulting are implemented by the institute's program consultants. One consultant is assigned to lead consulting and program facilitation for each client. Other consultants may be involved in facilitating open-enrollment workshops.


Success is measured by achievement of a client's goals. An increase in leadership capacity can be measured by the effectiveness of an individual, a team or an organization. Investment in leadership capacity yields sustainable benefits to an organizations' impact and performance.