“I just wanted to tell you that the success of your program over at the Greentree Falls plant has been phenomenal. And I really do give you and your firm a great deal of the credit for this. Because Harry, as you know, did not have that situation under control, but now I would really have to say that today he is far and away one of our best plant managers and that plant is far and away our best performing plant today.”

The Greentree Falls plant had just been named the most profitable plant and most improved plant for the most recent quarter.

Through a combination of waste reduction and productivity improvement, they realized $5.4 million lower cost this fiscal year compared with a year earlier, for comparable production volumes.

John Shaw, Senior Manufacturing VP at Textiles, Inc.


“The BB&T Leadership Institute has helped our growing company learn to cope with an enlarging staff and constant changes. The owners and managers at Carson-Dellosa have become stronger leaders, and within the company, communication skills and efficiency have improved. People have asked us how we continue to work so well and develop more and more creative products; much of this success can be attributed to skills we learned from the institute. They have provided a forum for us to work through problems and interpersonal differences so that we can concentrate on doing our jobs effectively.”

Patti Carson, President, Carson-Dellosa Publishing


"The employees' involvement and quality improvement process we have begun has already differentiated our hospital from our competitors. The increased self-awareness and leadership skills that our management team has acquired have greatly enhanced teamwork and commitment to our organization. The BB&T Leadership Institute has given our senior management team the tools to promote communication, commitment, and productivity, allowing us to position our hospital for the future in a rapidly changing health care environment."

Susan Fitzgibbon, CEO, Annie Penn Memorial Hospital


"The tools and insights I've picked up from The BB&T Leadership Institute have been incredibly valuable to me and my organization. The institute's program was a unique opportunity to reflect and focus on what will create the most leverage in my life and business. That is why I've sent 10 of my colleagues, and plan to send my entire management team, and will follow up with work onsite. For a busy executive this program is time very well spent...even if you have to travel 3,000 miles to get there.”

Brian Frenzel, CEO, Centaur Pharmaceuticals