Team Optimization Process

The Team Optimization Process workshop addresses team performance with attention to individual and group dynamics. The development of a team action plan to address current top challenges helps the group make gains when they return to the work environment.

Program Description

The BB&T Leadership Institute Team Optimization Process workshop helps teams improve and optimize their performance. Team members gain skills in effective collaboration, learn how to efficiently allocate team talent and resources, and enhance their ability to follow plans to successful completion.

This two-day program uses the Leadership Institute’s proprietary Assessment of Conscious Teams 360°™ (ACT360) assessment to identify hurdles preventing the team from achieving optimal effectiveness. Individual and team strengths and weaknesses will be identified to focus the team on higher level problem-solving approaches and effective collaboration. The Team Optimization Process program helps leaders develop skills for quickly reaching high-quality decisions and implementing those decisions efficiently.

Participants will learn to use specific team development strategies and a unique discovery process to replace tension and conflicting priorities. These team techniques provide solutions to use in various situations to overcome challenges and manage priorities.

The team will develop an action plan to address and solve its current and top challenges. The gains made in this program will allow the team to be more innovative, productive, and effective in reaching critical goalss.

While not a prerequisite, graduates of the Mastering Leadership Dynamics program will find the Team Optimization Process to be a natural extension of their conscious leadership skills.

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Next Level Teams

Team dynamics change as work challenges evolve. This workshop provides leaders and their teams with the opportunity to freshen and strengthen their leadership approaches and collaboration.

Program Description

The Next Level Teams workshop provides team leadership strategies for organizations needing unique solutions and individually tailored support.

The BB&T Leadership Institute's collaborative approach begins by the unique needs and challenges of the organization's leaders and their teams. Participants will discover fresh approaches for mastering team dynamics, removing obstacles to effective collaboration and embracing change.

Strategies for improving team effectiveness can include a variety of approaches. A Leadership Institute program consultant will explore whether the team would benefit from development or refinement of team mission, vision, and goals.

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Succession Planning & Management

The identification and development of leadership bench strength is a critical step in preparing an organization for current and future challenges and opportunities. A customized approach delivers valuable tools and insights for the CEO and other senior executives.

Program Description

Tailored to the culture of an organization and the executive leadership's vision for the future, The BB&T Leadership Institute delivers succession management tools and leadership development processes that ensure a leadership team will be prepared to address current and future challenges.

A BB&T Leadership Institute Program Consultant works with the CEO or other senior executive to identify and develop the dynamic leadership bench strength that will sustain and propel organizational strategies. The institute's unique approach to succession planning and management allows companies to identify candidates ready to perform in key positions today as well as those potential candidates who will be ready in the future.

A collaborative plan is developed and managed to assist the leadership team in executing on a clear leadership development process. Staged implementation ensures the leadership candidates will be ready as the company needs them and at the same time builds a culture of leadership values that strengthens the entire organization.

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Leading & Optimizing Organizational Change

The manner in which individual employees address organizational change has an impact on the success of the organization. Alignment of employee roles with organizational goals is a key element in a successful change initiative. The Leading & Optimizing Organizational Change program helps each person champion the change.

Program Description

Leading and managing change are among the most difficult challenges leaders face. CEOs, board chairs, division heads, managers and all employees throughout an organization must grapple with various aspects of change at some point.

The BB&T Leadership Institute's strategies improve the speed and quality of leading organizational change. Working collaboratively with the senior team, an institute Program Consultant will identify the road blocks and resistance and develop a plan for addressing and managing the issues. The scope of the plan will address every level of the organization that is involved in the change, whether that is the entire company or several departments.

A key element of the approach developed by the institute is the attention given to helping every employee involved in the process recognize the importance of alignment of their role with the organization’s goals. This process instills in each person the skills and mindset to champion the change.

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