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What makes a leader?

At The BB&T Leadership Institute, we believe it's something more.

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: What makes a leader?

SUBJECT 1: So I was thinking something that's--

NARRATOR: Is it experience?

SUBJECT 1: --natural, full of life. Right?



NARRATOR: Proven. What about vision?

SUBJECT 2: It's modern. It's functional. It just makes sense.

SUBJECT 3: Why don't we have--

SUBJECT 2: --both support it.


SUBJECT 2: I don't think that's the right call. We're going to have two pillars on each side--

NARRATOR: Uncompromising.

SUBJECT 2: --that act as extra support. Necessary--

NARRATOR: Or is it hard work?

SUBJECT 2: No, I-- just give us five more days, and you will have the most beautiful concourse.

NARRATOR: Going the extra mile.

SUBJECT 2: Five more days.


NARRATOR: Sacrifice.

[BACKGROUND MUSIC] (SINGING) --tell me to calm down.

NARRATOR: At the BB&T Leadership Institute, we believe it's something more. We believe the extra mile begins with a single step. Vision isn't just about your great ideas but seeing and developing the potential in others. And experience? Experience isn't only measured in years but by those who can grow from it.

For over 60 years, we've been creating and nurturing stronger leaders, changing leaders with a desire to grow into leaders of change. Our personalized and collaborative approach is rooted in knowledge, grounded in science, and proven in business. Don't just leave a legacy. Lead one. The BB&T Leadership Institute, the psychology of better business.

There is no facet of society that cannot be improved through better leadership.

- Kelly King
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
BB&T Corporation

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Our flexible program offerings combine powerful tools and insights to deliver results well beyond skills-based training.

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Designed for executives with a desire to improve and grow, these programs provide strategies that will help you increase your self-awareness, engage diverse viewpoints more effectively, enhance communication with your team members and much more.

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Publications & Research

Prepping for Success  (Education)

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation interns and Hispanic League Scholarship Program recipients participated in the Emerging Leaders program at The BB&T Leadership Institute.

Seeing Yourself from All Sides  (Business Minded)

A 360 degree review helps you grow in self-awareness and become a more effective leader.

Finding Corporate Purpose  (Feature)

Learn how corporate purpose is giving companies a competitive advantage.

The BB&T Leadership Institute Magazine Issue 3

In this issue of our magazine, we focus on the need for a strong corporate purpose, which is essential for an organization's well-being and its long-term performance.

Featured article on the cover of our magazine: Real estate CEO Debbie Garcia-Gratacos talks about the importance of home ownership and how it enables families to prosper. 

Welcome to the Kelly S. King Center

Our new 58,000 square-foot campus includes eight state-of-the-art training and development rooms, 48 beautiful guest rooms, a catering kitchen and spectacular, panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

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