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The BB&T Leadership Institute Magazine, Issue 2

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There is no facet of society that cannot be improved through better leadership.

- Kelly King
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
BB&T Corporation

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Easter Maynard Makes the World Better

Easter Maynard brings her leadership skills and a passion for helping children to numerous boardrooms of for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Leadership 2.0

Understanding who you are as a person and how you got to be that way is critical to understanding your own leadership strengths and weaknesses.

Leveraging Leadership

Leadership is a moment-by-moment undertaking. We often miss opportunities to be at our most effective because we're acting on autopilot.

Leading with Purpose: The BB&T Leadership Institute Magazine Issue 2

In this issue of our magazine, we offer expert perspectives about why finding and instilling purpose can benefit employees of all levels, organizations, and communities.  

Featured article on the cover of our magazine: Business leader Easter Maynard shares candidly about leading with purpose in both business and philanthropic endeavors.

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