The Change Challenge

Discover the psychological process of change, and learn strategies to keep your team and organization engaged and moving forward. 

Change is one of the most common challenges for all leaders.

We’ve discovered that effective leaders of change know two important things—what to do, and how to be. The Change Challenge™ equips you to do both effectively by providing insight into your mindset when leading and managing change. You’ll also learn how to better understand the psychological process of change, along with strategies to keep your team and organization engaged and moving forward. 

Program Basics

Audience: Mid- to senior-level leaders with responsibility for leading changes in the department, business unit or organization

Duration: 1 day

Location: Our campus or your location

Recommended prerequisites: None

Price: Contact us

Program Objectives

  • Compare three change mindsets; discover your personal position on this continuum of change style preferences—and how it impacts your ability to lead change
  • Understand the context for change by defining forces for and against change in your organization and generating specific solutions to leverage or manage them
  • Identify and share key drivers of employee engagement that are critical to creating an organizational culture supportive of new ideas and diverse approaches

The Leadership Awareness Model

Where does this program fit in?

The Change Challenge focuses on human systems awareness.


To lead yourself

Interpersonal Awareness

To lead others

Human Systems Awareness

To lead the organization

Strategic Awareness

To lead the enterprise

Our campus

Surrounded by panoramic views of breathtaking natural scenery, our one-of-a-kind retreat in Greensboro, North Carolina is the perfect getaway for self-discovery and personal growth.

Additional change management programs

Leading Change with Purpose

Discover your change style preference along with the beliefs and motives that influence it. 

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