Our Mission

Building corporate leaders and giving back to the community

We've been positively impacting businesses and communities for over 60 years. It starts with teaching leadership principles rooted in self-awareness.

Making our corporate clients stronger

Our corporate clients

We work with a wide range of companies, from small privately-owned family businesses to large public corporations.

Our programs are designed to match your needs and can be tailored to meet your specific goals.

Reaching emerging student leaders

Through our education partners, we reach students to promote financial literacy and leadership in the BB&T footprint throughout the United States.

Preparing the leaders of tomorrow


College and university students leadership certified from 2014 through the 2017 academic year.


Gift-in-kind investment in emerging leaders through college and university students who completed the program from 2014 through the 2017 academic year.

Empowering educational leaders

Educational leaders

As part of our mission, we provide leadership development, tuition-free, to Pre-K through 12th grade public school principals.

Programs are offered to educational leaders in North Carolina, South Carolina and Kentucky with plans to expand to each state in the BB&T footprint. 

Programs include:

  • Mastering Leadership Dynamics™ for Educational Leaders
  • Leading Change with Purpose
  • Fostering Teacher Engagement
  • Customized workshops for districts and educational leadership conferences

693 school leaders

Completed Mastering Leadership Dynamics for Educational Leaders through the end of the 2017-2018 academic year.


Gift-in-kind investment in public school leaders who completed the program through the end of the 2017-2018 academic year.

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