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A Leader's Guide to Engagement Survey Results

Being a wise consumer in a marketplace crowded products and consulting providers can help you avoid costly mistakes.


Leadership Amplitude Episode 8

Do you know how to create an environment in which employees value their careers as much as you do yours?


4 Things You Need to Know About Employee Engagement Surveys

The failure to properly evaluate the results of an engagement survey can be damaging for an organization.

Trial by Fire

John O’Leary discusses overcoming obstacles, leading by example and the power of the piano.

The Passions of Bill George

The easy side of leadership is getting the numbers right. We all know how to do that. Getting an organization’s culture right and getting the leaders right is very hard. And it’s never-ending.”

The Power of Four

We've found employees will give you their best only when they believe you deserve it.

Demystifying Millennials

Psychological research and theory support the idea that fundamental human needs, and the brain functions that support them, apply to everyone.

Leveraging Leadership

Leadership is a moment-by-moment undertaking. We often miss opportunities to be at our most effective because we're acting on autopilot.

Leadership 2.0

Understanding who you are as a person and how you got to be that way is critical to understanding your own leadership strengths and weaknesses.


Do You Understand Leadership Purpose?

Every leader should create their own written leadership purpose statement. Here’s what you need to know about crafting one.


Resilient Leadership: Outsmarting the Negativity Bias

As the business world becomes faster and ever more complicated, resilience becomes more and more critical to successful leadership. Learn how to be more resilient and get back to creating a stronger, healthier organization.


What's Your Organizational Culture?

Leaders often lack an objective view of their organizational culture and leadership, but they can gain a meaningful view by asking the right questions.


Listen-Ask-Tell: Breaking Through Personal Filters

Our filters shape the ways we view the world. Learn how to break through your personal filters to build stronger relationships with the Listen-Ask-Tell Leadership Communication Strategy. 


Improving Your Leadership by Practicing Gratitude

Leaders who regularly express sincere gratitude to their teams promote job satisfaction, which can successfully lower turnover and improve productivity.


Are You Aware of Your Self-Limiting Beliefs?

Acting on one’s self-limiting beliefs is one of executives’ autopilot behaviors that can be changed through leadership dynamics and self-awareness training. 


Leading in a VUCA World

While the concept of VUCA is now several decades old, it becomes truer as time passes.


Building High-Flying Leaders

Which wing on an airplane do you think is the most important wing? Strange question, yes, but learn how this applies to building high-flying leaders.


Quality of Leadership

Organizations with strong leaders thrive, especially when times get tough, and their weaker competition falters.

The Engagement Matrix

An engaging work experience feels invigorating, positive, energetic and fulfilling.

When Tradition Embraces Change

At Hooker Furniture, there’s an openness from our people to say, ‘Wow, we could move faster. And maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we were willing to take risks more often.’

Be True to Your Schooling

Our ideas always come back to us, such as 'Beliefs drive behaviors, and behaviors drive results.’


Understanding Employee Engagement: Getting to the Basics

Get back-to-basics by re-wiring your brain for greater self-awareness, interpersonal awareness, and organizational awareness. Learn how to navigate the rough seas of engagement through neuropsychology.


Are You Ready for Change?

Change from within to become more agile and able to adapt to ever-evolving customer expectations, market shifts and more. 


Is Your Company Growing Faster Than You Can Handle?

Fast-growing companies often face hurdles. Learn how better business leadership can help overcome them and sustain business growth.


Are You Creating an Engaging Environment for Your Employees?

Employee engagement depends on leader engagement through fostering relationships, motivation and creating an ideal work environment.


Do You Know the 6 Drivers of Employee Engagement?

As a leader, you have a lot of control over six factors in the way you treat your employees to encourage engagement.


6 Questions That Increase Employee Engagement

Asking your employees a few questions can be a simple, cost-effective way to increase employee engagement.


Forming Before Performing

Skipping the forming stage leaves a team stuck in a swirling mix of forming, storming and norming that simply drains energy away.  


Fitting In: The Human Need Impacting Your Team

When people don’t have a sense of belonging, they don't perform at their best.


The BB&T Leadership Series: Isaac Lidsky - Eyes Wide Open

The New York Times best-selling author shares his experience about finding true vision while losing his sight.


BB&T Leadership Institute: Brand Spot

What makes a leader? At the BB&T Leadership Institute, we believe the extra mile begins with a single step.


Leadership Amplitude Episode 12

Your leadership purpose can help you stay focused during career hurdles such as conflict and change. 


Leadership Amplitude Episode 11

Your leadership purpose can help you move forward and more effectively lead others. 


Leadership Amplitude Episode 10

Explore how leadership purpose can help you lead yourself, particularly during times of stress.


Leadership Amplitude Episode 9

Leadership purpose defines what it means to be a good leader, and how your decisions impact those looking to you for guidance.


Leadership Amplitude Episode 7

When developing your organizational strategy, do you factor in the voice of your employees?


Leadership Amplitude Episode 6

Update the vision for your organization while still keeping your employees dialed into it.


Leadership Amplitude Episode 5

As a leader, you can overcome common Talent Management hurdles by identifying and embracing the strengths of your employees.


Leadership Amplitude Episode 4

What can the employee be doing to engage themselves? It's part of what “owning your career” really means.


Leadership Amplitude Episode 3

As you move up the leadership ladder, there’s a shift that has to take place in your focus. Understand the bottom of the ladder that includes task versus relationship functions.


Leadership Amplitude Episode 2

Engagement and motivation aren't the same. Knowing the difference can help you better motivate your team.


Leadership Amplitude Episode 1

Poor employee engagement negatively impacts your workforce so understanding motivations can help keep them actively engaged and improve retention.

Words to Work By

Here are the season’s must-read (or listen to) business titles.


A Leader's Guide to Change Management

Learn how many corporate change initiatives ultimately fail despite good intentions.


The BB&T Leadership Series: Jon Gordon - Developing Positive People, Part 1

The well-known author, speaker and consultant discusses how to combat negativity and find opportunity in failure.


The BB&T Leadership Series: Jon Gordon - Developing Positive People, Part 2

The well-known author, speaker and consultant talks about personal and professional purpose, and living on mission.


The BB&T Leadership Series: Stephen Williams - Leading Through Change

The former BB&T board member talks about dealing with change and the importance of a growth mindset.


The BB&T Leadership Series: Jimmy Faulkner - Leading by Example

The former BB&T board member shares the influences and principles that guided his path to leadership.


The BB&T Leadership Series: Shawn Achor - The Happiness Advantage

The New York Times best-selling author discusses the power of positive psychology.


The BB&T Leadership Series: John O'Leary - Living a Life on Fire

CEO Kelly King discusses overcoming obstacles with The New York Times best-selling author.


The BB&T Leadership Series: Carol Dweck - Growth Mindset

The New York Times best-selling author hits on how we can change and learn throughout life.


The BB&T Leadership Series: Jen Bricker - Everything Is Possible

The aerialist and motivational speaker shares her incredible story with CEO Kelly King.


The BB&T Leadership Series: Dan Pink - Drive and Motivation

The New York Times best-selling author and speaker Dan Pink talks about what drives and motivates us.


The BB&T Leadership Series: Manny Ohonme - Know Your Why

The founder of Samaritan's Feet shares his inspiring story.


The BB&T Leadership Series: Ron Clark - The Power of Positive

The author of Move Your Bus talks about building relationships and staying positive.


Effective Team Building

Building effective teams is an intentional process and often a mindset shift.


Testimonial: Frank L. Blum Construction Company

Frank L. Blum Construction Company experiences our proven and tested leadership model to increase self-awareness and run a better company.


A Leader's Guide to Overcoming Obstacles

Learn the steps it takes to become more effective to understanding and acting on obstacles.


Leadership Excellence Through Self-Awareness

Explore the increasing importance of self-awareness as it pertains to subtle motivations that can sabotage your success as a leader.


Testimonial: Buy Sod

Buy Sod has an eye-opening experience on how they approach change.

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