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Testimonial: Frank L. Blum Construction Company

Frank L. Blum Construction Company experiences our proven and tested leadership model to increase self-awareness and run a better company.


Leading in a VUCA World

While the concept of VUCA is now several decades old, it becomes truer as time passes.


Quality of Leadership

Organizations with strong leaders thrive, especially when times get tough, and their weaker competition falters.


Testimonial: Buy Sod

Buy Sod has an eye-opening experience on how they approach change.

Case Study

Sonic Automotive

Sonic Automotive strengthens leadership and achieves growth despite a turbulent industry environment.


Leadership Excellence Through Self-Awareness

Explore the increasing importance of self-awareness as it pertains to subtle motivations that can sabotage your success as a leader.


Effective Team Building

Understand how the lack of processes and challenging group dynamics can undermine a team's performance and prevent it from reaching its potential.


A Leader's Guide to Change Management

Learn how many corporate change initiatives ultimately fail despite good intentions.


Forming Before Performing

Skipping the forming stage leaves a team stuck in a swirling mix of forming, storming and norming that simply drains energy away.  


Building High-Flying Leaders

Which wing on an airplane do you think is the most important wing? Strange question, yes, but learn how this applies to building high-flying leaders.


Fitting In: The Human Need Impacting Your Team

When people don’t have a sense of belonging, they don't perform at their best.

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