Article: 7 Reasons to Ask Your Company to Pay for Leadership Training

Start by listing leadership training benefits for you and the company you work for.

7 reasons that can persuade your company to pay for leadership training

By Mark Packard


You probably have many reasons for enrolling in a leadership development program. Perhaps you are an up-and-coming leader at your organization, but restless with the pace of your advancement. Or you’re a senior executive, but coming home stressed each day after conflict in the workplace. Or possibly your company is experiencing newfound challenges in a rapidly changing industry, and you need guidance through the turbulence.

If you’re ready to ask your company to invest in your future, job satisfaction and skill set through a professional development program like Mastering Leadership Dynamics, you should be prepared to present some convincing arguments about leadership training benefits in connection with the ask for funds.

Here are seven ways you, and your company, can benefit from a leadership development program:

  1. Increased productivity 
    Leadership training will help you become more productive. You’ll learn how to delegate tasks and responsibilities, so you can concentrate on high-level executive tasks like reducing operating costs or finding new areas of business growth. In short, you’ll be a more valuable asset to your company.
  2. Stronger communication skills 
    Leadership training will provide you with insights and strategies for becoming a more effective communicator. This will help you on countless small occasions, such as impromptu hallway conversations, but also with bigger presentations targeted to achieving organization-wide strategic objectives and projects involving cross-departmental work.
  3. Improved interpersonal skills 
    Leadership training will teach you interpersonal skills you need to positively influence others in the company, including employees over whom you have no direct authority. Result: You’ll be able to achieve more through the actions of others.
  4. Better employee relationship management 
    Leadership training will make you more able to create an empowering work environment for your team or department. In turn, this will help your employees increase their performance and be more productive. It will also improve employee retention (i.e., employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers).
  5. Superior team development 
    Leadership training will help you learn how to better manage your team and develop their soft and hard skills. That support from you will equip them to take on new challenges, venture outside of their comfort zone at work, and accomplish goals that previously might have seemed unattainable.
  6. Deeper engagement
    Leadership training will increase your own level of engagement in your role and company. And you’ll learn how to increase other employees’ level of engagement as well. This deeper engagement will lead to multiple organization benefits, including increased profitability and reduced employee turnover.
  7. More adaptability 
    Leadership training will help you cope with change and learn how to create a work environment around your team that embraces change and uncertainty. Rather than being stressed by change and uncertainty, you and the colleagues you influence will be more able to address challenges and make progress toward organizational goals more smoothly.

Bonus: Greater happiness beyond the workplace

Many leadership training participants discover that the self-awareness and psychological skills gained from The BB&T Leadership Institute also produce benefits in their personal life, such as a happier, more meaningful relationship with a partner or spouse. 

How The BB&T Leadership Institute is different

The number of institutions offering leadership development is large, but The Leadership Institute’s programs are unique because they are experiential and grounded in psychology.

The Leadership Institute’s core differentiators include:

Our leadership development training is transformational

Our programs are experiential in nature, so participants actively learn by doing. Participants interact with our consultants and program attendees, as opposed to sitting in rows in a classroom setting. Participants often tell us their experience is life altering.

Our programs provide personalized instruction

The Leadership Institute is a high-touch institution. While many professional development classes involve 50 or more people, our programs normally involve 12 or fewer participants. These small classes enable us to provide a personalized approach—and participants say they learn more and apply their learnings more successfully. 

Our programs are available wherever you are

You can attend our programs at our retreat-like campus in Greensboro, North Carolina, which includes overnight accommodations, or we can bring our programs to your place of business and conduct them at your headquarters or office. 

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