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Discover how public school principals benefit from the Mastering Leadership Dynamics for Educational Leaders program.

Better principals, better schools

By Patrick Gallagher, Ph.D.
Director of Research


Our just-released study “Impact Report: Mastering Leadership Dynamics for Educational Leaders: 2018–2019” outlines the real-world results of The BB&T Leadership Institute program Mastering Leadership Dynamics for Educational Leaders, attended in this case by public school principals from four states. In short, the report shows that participating principals:

  • Found the program to be an engaging and transformative experience
  • Considered the program material to be relevant and powerful
  • Left the program with motivation to be better leaders
  • Improved their behaviors in their schools

Mastering Leadership Dynamics for Educational Leaders is a targeted version of Mastering Leadership Dynamics™, our flagship program for CEOs, executives and senior leaders.

We provide this leadership training for school principals at our campus in Greensboro, North Carolina, at no cost. It’s part of the BB&T mission(opens in a new tab) to make the world a better place.

To date, more than 950 elementary, middle school and high school principals have finished this 3.5-day program. We estimate that the value of this gift-in-kind leadership training for school principals exceeds $6,500,000.

We’re excited to share data that details the impact that Mastering Leadership Dynamics for Educational Leaders has had on these public school leaders individually and, by extension, on their schools and communities. 

Participants’ experiences in the program

For this 2018–2019 Impact Report, The Leadership Institute measured participants’ impressions of (a) the quality of the program, material and facilitators and (b) how motivated the principals were to apply new knowledge they gained. In both categories, participants rated the program very highly.

For example, for the question “How likely would you recommend the program to a colleague or friend?” the average participant rating was 4.78 out of 5.

The average participant’s rating of their program facilitator, based on their agreement with 10 statements like “The facilitator was a good listener,” was 4.82 out of 5.

Based on responses to other questions, participants also indicated that they had learned new information, and that they were committed to make real changes in their workplace. They indicated that after our program, they were more self-aware and that they would be better at key competencies like handling conflict and building strong personal relationships.

Participant’s behavior changes in the workplace

For the participants from one state, we collected feedback from their colleagues, such as supervisors, teachers and peers. These observers were asked to rate participants on key behaviors and competencies several months after the program.

  • 60% of principals were rated as improving their behaviors related to optimism, resilience and overcoming obstacles
  • 59% were rated as improving their behaviors related to self-awareness
  • 55% were rated as improving relationship building, versatility and influence behaviors
  • 51% were rated as improving communication behaviors
  • 51% were rated as better at growing through conflict

And 37% to 44% were rated as having no change, which would be expected because many participants were rated highly on these behaviors at the beginning of the programs.

These numbers only tell part of the story, because accurately measuring behavior change can be very challenging. We believe, however, that the results of these follow-up measurements are strong evidence that our leadership training for school principals have a real impact.

Why we assess our leadership training for principals

Collecting the data to measure our impact requires a significant investment. It takes time and sustained effort from a team of people to gather and analyze the data. Why does The Leadership Institute spend resources on measurement?

Simply put, to maximize our impact. We carry out BB&T’s mission(opens in a new tab) to make the world a better place. We measure to be sure we are doing so. We also measure to know how to do better – we believe that improving schools will make our communities better, and we want to learn how to give the most help we possibly can.  

According to our data, we are making an impact. And using our data to improve, we will strive to make even more.

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