Building Peace of Mind

Take a photo tour of The BB&T Leadership Institute campus.

At The BB&T Leadership Institute campus, structures like the treehouse contribute to an atmosphere of discovery and reflection.

The treehouse is the most distinctive landmark on The BB&T Leadership Institute campus. Visitors, staff and participants take a railed walkway to reach this elevated and elegant structure. Participants use the treehouse for team building and networking events.

“You feel safe here,” said Sheri Frisby, vice president and operations manager. “You’re surrounded by nature. You let yourself open up when you might not have done that as much elsewhere.”

Inside, four glass walls and a vaulted ceiling with exposed wood beams provide people in the treehouse a clear view of the dozens of trees surrounding it.

The Leadership Institute added new trees to the 11-acre property; as those trees grow, guests will see even less of the roadway and feel even more immersed in nature. That feeling is a component of what Frisby described as “this psychology thread that runs through everything we do.” 

“In every area that you explore, there is natural light,” explained Frisby. “There are large, floor-to-ceiling windows everywhere. Light just seems to lift everyone’s mood.”

In a written review, one guest wrote of feeling “sheer awe” when first entering the facility. 

Participants express how they appreciate the hospitality staff’s knowledge of the property, design and décor. “I am very happy to know about the details of the decorations and each room,” wrote one.

“It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s different from anything else BB&T has done,” said Frisby. “We are often compared to high-end hotels, and I think it’s the exceptional service our team gives to each of our guests that sets us apart.” 

By Ryan Sullivan
Photography by Elements Studio, Tom Holdsworth & Mark Wagoner

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