Video: Buy Sod

Buy Sod has an eye-opening experience on how they approach change.

Better people make a better company

We worked with the Buy Sod team to increase self-awareness that lead them through change successfully. 

Buy Sod testimonial video


Being around sports and being around things that you're passionate about, whether you're playing it, or you're watching it, or experiencing it, our product's right there in the middle of that. 

Not all sods are the same. We grow the highest level that they're using in the industry. 

We're trying to grow the best varieties that are available and deliver them with world-class service on-demand. 

We have banked with BB&T. They've been such a great banking partner. They've shown us how to operate efficiently, and BB&T offers a lot of services that we've taken advantage of. 

We've been to a couple of one-day seminars. And from that is where we did the change challenge for our entire management group. Having our whole team in that group and going through that exercise I think really opened the eyes of a lot of our people. And they've become a lot more self-aware about how they approach change. 

We're passionate about the people that are a part of this company. I serve them better because of what I've learned at BB&T Leadership. It is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful tools. Everybody can gain something. 

What you learn through this process absolutely applies to your entire life, not just your work life. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any company, small, medium, large. What you learn from BB&T Leadership Institute, I think it applies across all industries. 

I'm a better person because of it. We're a better company because of it.

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