The BB&T Leadership Institute Statement on Inclusion and Diversity

The BB&T Leadership Institute joins our parent company, Truist, in our belief that there is no place for hatred, racism or bias in the world. We stand for better and are committed to advancing equality, respect, safety and justice. 

As our nation mourns the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, we are also having meaningful conversations about how we can help. At The BB&T Leadership Institute, we believe that there is no facet of society that cannot be improved through better leadership. Our programs are rooted in psychology and the deep self-awareness that comes from understanding who we are, how we became that way, and how it influences our relationships with others—both in our professional and personal lives. Our core leadership model starts with the understanding that people behave in a manner that is consistent with their beliefs. We equip leaders to resolve conflict effectively. We share communication skills that create a “balcony view” of a situation—helping us understand ALL perspectives and then taking action based on this wider view. All of these topics are relevant as we explore and discuss issues of race, discrimination and bias. 

We believe that the Leadership Institute can have maximum positive impact on society by preparing leaders who create stronger, more open and tolerant teams, organizations, and communities. We coach leaders in learning not just “what to do,” but more importantly, “how to be” to create an environment that inspires and includes everyone. As we have done for over sixty years, we will focus on leadership beliefs and behaviors that create a psychologically safe and inclusive environment. To that end, we are critically examining our programs for increased opportunities to promote inclusive leadership and constructive communication. 

Leadership is important. The BB&T Leadership Institute can and must be helpful to the cause of equality. Today, we are pledging to do our part. Through education and leadership development, we will shine a light on the dark corners of intolerance and inequality.

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