Mastering Leadership Dynamics

Raise your self-awareness, develop conscious leadership practices and improve skills critical to performance with our flagship program.

The first step in leading others is to consciously lead oneself

Mastering Leadership Dynamics™ is our flagship program that develops deeper awareness into the factors that form the individual as a leader and how daily decisions are made. You'll increase your leadership abilities by taking conscious action, building resilience and improving communication.

Program Basics

Audience: CEOs, executives and senior leaders

Duration: 5 days, Monday through Friday

Location: Our campus

Recommended prerequisites: None

Price: $8,450

Pricing includes: Any assessments used in the program. Overnight accommodations at our campus in Greensboro, NC. Breakfast and lunch at Bistro 1872. 

Program Objectives

  • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your autopilot leadership patterns and your impact on others
  • Maximize effectiveness by understanding, evaluating and changing your autopilot patterns by using the Leadership Strategies Model
  • Improve ability to increase resilience and overcome obstacles
  • Learn how to build and maintain relationships through conflict
  • Connect with other high-performing leaders

Life Cycle Engineering testimonial

Life Cycle Engineering, a commercial consulting firm and defense contractor, talks about ethics, integrity and how leadership is critical to the success of their business.

ROBERT BENDETTI: Leadership is critical to the success of your business. It's the single greatest limiting factor of any business, and certainly Life Cycle engineering. Life Cycle Engineering is a commercial consulting firm and a defense contractor.

KELLAM WHITE: One of the things that impressed me most about Life Cycle Engineering is the motto, shall we say, do the right thing, the right way. Because in our business, ethics and integrity are everything. And the fact that we actually practice what we preach is extremely important.

ROBERT BENDETTI: Before the Leadership Institute class, I had been really successful in my career as a problem solver, but not every situation at work is a problem. I would also had a very confrontational or, sort of, a frontal attack since we're a Navy defense contractor, and that's not real effective all the time.

KELLAM WHITE: One of the issues that I found that I was having before the Leadership Institute was that I am very, very focused on the task at hand. I just assume incorrectly that everyone is 100% ready to go, let's make this work.

ROBERT BENDETTI: I've been so successful with the frontal attack and the problem solving for so long, but it wasn't going to help me here in a new role. And the Leadership Institute gave me new tools so I can learn to listen more, still working on it, and interact better with a team environment, and still working on that too.

KELLAM WHITE: At the Institute, I learned a lot about myself and how others perceive me when I'm in that mode. So I got basically a whole new toolkit of things that I can do to get to know my colleagues more. Spend time smelling the roses, and just understand that yes, we're going to get there. We just need to slow down a little bit.

ROBERT BENDETTI: I think it's absolutely worth it. It's a great investment. Investment in me personally that helped me both personally and professionally, but also a great investment in other team members. It's good to have another person in my department who we have the same vocabulary. We have the same, sort of, a shared experience. And so we have, I think, a greater bond because of it too.

KELLAM WHITE: Absolutely. I wholeheartedly recommend it. It was a fabulous experience. I just—I really want everyone to be able experience what I did. Life changing event. I think the mastering leadership dynamics class was the best leadership training I've ever taken in my life.

Program Overview

Mastering Leadership Dynamics will help you become more adaptable, better able to effectively manage teams and processes, and more attuned to innovation.

The foundation for this program includes goal setting with your manager and confidential assessment input from peers, colleagues and team members. These tools are used during the program to help you identify areas of strengths and opportunities for change. You'll be assisted in developing specific action plans for implementation when you return to your work setting.

Our leadership development process:

  • Raises a leader’s self-awareness
  • Develops conscious leadership practice
  • Improves skills critical to individual, team and organizational performance

To reinforce program fundamentals, ongoing coaching will be provided to you and your managers.

97% attendee satisfaction

Attendees rank Mastering Leadership Dynamics as one of the most powerful and impactful experiences of their professional development.

2.7% faster promotion rates

A 5-year, 317-person study of institute clients showed program graduates demonstrated increased effectiveness, compared to peers not trained on self-awareness and conscious leadership.

The Leadership Awareness Model

Where does this program fit in?

Mastering Leadership Dynamics is a foundational course focusing on self and interpersonal awareness. The course is recommended prior to taking higher-level classes. 


To lead yourself

Interpersonal Awareness

To lead others

Human Systems Awareness

To lead the organization

Strategic Awareness

To lead the enterprise

Our campus

Surrounded by panoramic views of breathtaking natural scenery, our one-of-a-kind retreat in Greensboro, North Carolina is the perfect getaway for self-discovery and personal growth.

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